Vital Synonym,Another word for Vital/Synonym of Vital

Vital Synonym,Another word for Vital/Synonym of Vital

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vital (adjective)
absolutely necessary; essential.
“secrecy is of vital importance” · “it is vital that the system is regularly maintained”

Vital synonyms:

essential · indispensable · crucial · key · necessary · needed · required · requisite · important · all-important · of the utmost importance · of great consequence · of the essence · critical · life-and-death · imperative · mandatory · urgent · pressing · burning · compelling · acute · paramount · pre-eminent · high-priority · significant · consequential · earth-shattering · world-shaking


unimportant · peripheral · secondary
indispensable to the continuance of life.
“the vital organs”
life-preserving · life-sustaining · basic · fundamental · essential · necessary · major · main · chief · key · prime
minor · dispensable
full of energy; lively.
“a beautiful, vital girl”
lively · energetic · active · sprightly · spry · animated · spirited · high-spirited · vivacious · exuberant · bouncy · enthusiastic · vibrant · zestful · sparkling · dynamic · vigorous · full of vim and vigour · forceful · fiery · lusty · hale and hearty · in fine fettle · go-getting · zippy · peppy · feisty · spunky · raring to go · full of beans · bright-eyed and bushy-tailed · chipper
“The wound is vital
vital (noun) · vitals (plural noun)
the body’s important internal organs.
“he felt the familiar knot contract in his vitals

‘Vital’ inflections (adj): pl: vital

serious, basic, essential, transcendental, indispensable, valuable, significant, fundamental, essential, indispensable

Antonyms: inconsequent, insignificant, ineffective, secondary
vivacious, nutritious, exuberant, active, vigorous, dynamic, strong
Antonyms: mortuary

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68 Sentences and phrases with vital

The vital sentences below will help you understand how you should use vital in a sentence. These are examples with vitally correct ones that were written by experts. To learn how to use vital in a sentence, read the examples we suggest and try to create a sentence.

What vital function do all these images refer to?

At what vital stage of the plant is this fact important?

What vital function does the following drawing represent?

“Safeguarding the rights of the homeless is vital.

Thus, the vital reason is reason in a full sense, since it encompasses pure or abstract reason.

Thus, technology is also related to the sensory (it must be comfortable in its use), to the aesthetic (it must be, as far as possible, agradable and proportionate in its forms) and to the vital (facilitates the achievement of possibilities previously unthinkable in health, strength or flexibility). Among the human values closely related to technology, it is worth highlighting the value of “unity”.

Life Capacity (CV).

Since it is not possible to assimilate the changeable background of the vital with the calculator mentality of science, it is artistic forms of expression, such as music and art, that convey the truth of life more accurately.

Define with your words the concept of vital reason and also explain the historical reason.

Two facts were vitally important from the resistance side: England’s military involvement in the war and application of the popular guerrillas as new tactics of fighting more numerous and better-equipped armies, such as the French.

He distinguished between contemporaries, who are those who live in the same chronological time but may belong to different generations, and contemporaries, who are the ones who are in the same vital time and therefore coincide in the same generation.

In this sense, you can experience every genuine aesthetic phenomenon in a vital way.

The second shows a digital measuring device of the same vital constant.

In ordering sexuality to the goals we impose ourselves through reason: a vital project, respect for the loved one and the desire to cooperate with God.

It is a reason that is constantly changing as the life it tries to understand; for this reason, it is not distinguished from the vital reason, because we can only understand our life by living it and reliving it incessantly.

This contamination causes a slower development of this vital organ for us.

This external emigration, in addition to the positive effects it had on the economy, was vital for the social stability of the regime, as it prevented the formation of a large sector of the unemployed population and therefore potentially with fl active.

This immune response of rejection can lead to the destruction of the transplanted organ and, if it is vital, the death of the recipient.

This thinker defended the vital impulse against the materialism and determinism of his time.

There are values of a vital, aesthetic, ethical, religious type, etc., that guide the existence of societies and people because they seek to participate in them to be happy.

Generation: a group of men who are approximately the same age, live together in the same circumstance and share the same vital sensitivity to solve the problems of reality.

This is how this, which in itself is oblivious to historical variations, takes on a vital dimension.

A selectman: one who possesses a vital project, demands and assumes responsibilities; it is the one who must command for society to prosper.

Mass man: one who lacks a vital project, is not required and lives a mediocre existence.

Inspired by the palatial church of San Vital de Ravenna, it was a symbol of its time and became the prototype of the later Palatine chapels.

Energy management is of vital importance for sustainable management.

Mussolini’s fascist Italy provided vital aid, even greater than Germany’s in number of men and economic value.

Death consists precisely in the fracture of the union between these two principles, the separation of that breath or vital form from the body, which without this order is corrupted and divided.

The work analyzed is the Byzantine mosaic known as “Court of Empress Theodora”, located in the apse of San Vital de Ravenna.

The reason, therefore, is integrated into life, hence the need to replace pure reason for the vital reason.

Periodic cicadas, especially the Magicicada septendecim, have the longest life cycle of all insects.

It’s not about spending time volunteering, it’s about a vital attitude that starts at home, in class, with friendships.

Ortega argued, then, that we all know things from a vital perspective, from a particular point of view, that it is unique to each other.

For Ortega, the reason is a vital function, such as seeing or feeling.

To overcome these extremes, Ortega came up with a new concept: the vital reason.

To overcome it and free himself, Schopenhauer believed that it is necessary for man to renounce the illusions created by his self and phenomena, liberation entails three stages: artistic, which helps the self to free himself from phenomena; ethics, which requires man to become aware of the pain of others and join him through compassion; and the vital road.

But if Spain or the cial (the political system) was unable to push from power for the profound changes that society demanded, real or vital Spain did not remain with its arms crossed.

Perspective: knowledge of things from a vital point of view, unique to each one; respects the multiplicity and dynamism of the real, but at the same time must be complemented and integrated to bring us closer to the total truth.

By generation he understood a group of men who are approximately the same age and live together in the same circumstance, maintaining a certain vital contact.

By man mass understands one who lacks a vital project, is not required, does not think of an improvement, believes that he has only rights and no obligations; in short, it leads a mediocre life.

On the other hand, the vital reason also appears as a historical reason, in that it is capable of apprehending human life in its temporality and historicality.

Therefore, the absence of life in the vertical vessel was not due to the destruction of some vital principle by heating the broth, but because its contamination was prevented.

Raciovitalism: vital reason and historical reason The new idea of vital reason brings together the concepts of reason and life.

Historical reason: vital reason in that it is able to apprehend the temporality and historicality of human life, since it unfolds in time.

Vital reason: a new concept of reason that unifies reason and life; with it, man is trained to understand life and decide on it.

Vital, Ravenna.

Thus the occupation of the Cantabrian strip was thus consumed, vitally important for its industrial power.

According to him, the psyche (a Greek term meaning ‘soul’) is the vital “form” of the body, that is, that which grants it the internal order that makes it live.

Following Ortega, he set out to develop a new program of vital reason from the study of man and human life; therefore, he called his analysis metaphysical anthropology.

Its only life cycle begins underground, where nymphs feed by absorbing sap from tree roots.

Such an exchange is vital to shaping public opinion and has prompted a change in the way democracy is understood.

Theme and meaning The subject depicted is the courtship of Justinian’s wife (VI century), Empress Theodora, who is ready to enter the church of San Vital in Ravenna, to offer in donation a golden chalice.

All of Matisse’s work conveys, as the title of this painting indicates, an unmistakable vital joy.

Your action is vital to save lives in the first phase of the emergency and rebuild the livelihoods of those affected afterwards.

One such signal will go to life security services and will be protected against possible failures and sabotage.


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