39+ Participate synonym,synonym for participate

Participate synonym, synonym for participate, synonym of participate

In this article you will get to know Synonym of participate and know how to use another word for participate, this article gives you a lot of alternate words related to Participate.

Participate Synonym

Participate synonym word list

1. Signified: confess
declare to reveal to participate discover venting admit sincerely

2. Signified: cooperate
collaborate partner help help helper
solidarity to contribute to participate

3. Signified: report
advise communicating to announce invite to participate

4. Signified: communicate
participate notify revealing report
declare prevent notification

5. Signified: intercede
arbitrariness to participate, advocate mediator,

6. Signified: announce
prompt to notify you to disclose to participate in posting
prevent claim to claim to manifest detailing reporting

7. Signed: constitute
compose forming participate
complete totalize integrate

8. Signified: contest
apply to participate
submit under examination

9. Signified: attend
to attend to participate in finding themselves
be presenting stay figure

10. Signified: pay
pay to contribute to participate insofar

11. Signified: warn
report communicating reveal
participate to tell you know

12. Signed: intervene
contesting compete contending fight
rivalry participate incur

13. Signed: contribute
taxing cooperate collaborate help
take participate in attending to contribute

warn, notify, report, announce, warn, communicate
Anonymous: shut up
collaborate, cooperate, attend, help, intervene, partner, contribute
Antonyms: dis-

‘participate’ also appears in the following entries:
abstain – contribute – assist – warn – collaborate – share – communicate – communicate – run – compete – cooperate – inform – integrate – intervene – military – notify

Questions in the forums with the word(s) ‘participate’ in the title:

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they don’t want to answer… nor participate
To participate in the Agreement ‘you don’t need to do anything.’
participate with them in their
participate in
Participate in/ in: Semantic differences?
Participating in parts of the table
participate in the [in] contest
participate in the…
Participate in THE / DEL … (event x)
participate in the gift
apply to participate (infinitive+infinitive)

Partcipate synonym

Intervernir or take part in something:
1 intervene, attend, take part.
Example: I want to participate in the project.

Contribute or collaborate with something:
2 contribute, collaborate, cooperate, help, help, have a part.
Example: I will participate in the organization of the event.

Attending a competition:
3 compete, contest, go on, fight.
Example: I participated in several tests that year.

Notify of something:
4 notify, report, announce, warn, communicate, give part, news, know.
Example: I wish you that the schedule will be changed.

Match in the same opinions or interests:
5 agree, agree, agree.
Example: Manuel participates in Rita’s interests.

37 sentences and phrases with participate(Participate synonym)

The sentences with Participate below will help you understand how to use participate in a phrase. These are grammatically correct participating examples that were written by experts. To find out how to use participate in a sentence, read the suggested examples and try to create a sentence.

How can we participate in improving life at school?

Although they were foreigners and had no right to participate in the political institutions of Athens, they greatly in fluenced it through their disciples, the future magistrates.

The following year the Liberal Union was added to this opposition bloc, after the death of its leader, General O’Donnell, who had not wanted to participate in the pact.

At the beginning of the Republic, commoners could not participate in political life.

Thus, both citizens and domiciled paid municipal taxes, but only the former could participate in the government and hold office when Emperor Caracalla granted citizenship to all free men of the Empire.

Assume civic responsibilities and duties and, ultimately, actively and fully participate in civic life.

Assume civic responsibilities and duties and, ultimately, actively and fully participate in civic life.

Every four years a sacred truce was declared so that Greek cities would stop fighting if they were at war and allow their athletes to participate in the Olympia games.

As the application records the position, the system allows to make a map of the presence of the tiger mosquito and participate in the study of its dispersion.

You will see that we share the same democratic “rules of the game” with many millions of other people and that we can all actively participate in it.

With the nation-state of the century and the consolidation of modern democracy between the end of the century and the beginning of the century, increasingly broad freedoms and civil rights were achieved; To this must be added the fact that citizens had the right to actively participate in the political game.

Within the republican parties, but with a marked identity of its own, the Spanish Socialist Workers Party continued to grow, increasingly willing to participate in the parliamentary political game, without renouncing the social revolution.

The citizen is one who has the right to participate in decisions on political affairs, that is, as a free and equal person who has the right to actively participate in democratic institutions looking to the common good.

In some cities, they could participate in the war.

In it, attention turned away from the cosmos and focused on the polis, a place where men lived together, since, thanks to democracy, citizens began to actively participate in the life of the city and decide on their destinies.

In it, one of the guests wears dirty and torn clothes, he is not prepared to participate in the banquet.

In a general sense, he suggested that if humans want to be spectators of the real world, we cannot participate in what happens in it, since then we will alter what we want to observe.

He was a native of Crete and came to Spain after travelling through Venice and Rome, attracted by the idea of participating in the decoration of the El Escorial monastery.

This scenario facilitated Plato’s interest in participating in the politics of his city.

This is said when they have other aesthetic or formal values, such as originality, expressiveness, elegance, grace … But, in any case, these works must participate in an outstanding way in some kind of sensible value.

These mysteries consisted of going to Eleusis, a city near Athens, and participating in ritual practices that culminated in a vision or knowledge of Demeter’s secret.

The latter could exercise magistracies and participate in the sessions of the Senate.

There are vital, aesthetic, ethical, religious, etc. values ​​that guide the existence of societies and people, as they seek to participate in them in order to be happy.

It explains how they work and the material and knowledge needed to participate.

Encourage the development of skills that allow to participate, make decisions, choose the ideal way to behave in certain situations and take responsibility for the decisions taken and the consequences derived from them.

The Radical Party – which had been part of the provisional government – remained outside the government, since its leader, Alejandro Lerroux, refused to participate in an executive with socialist members and Azana was not willing to exclude them and thus lose popular support.

The encyclical begins by pointing out this incomparable value of human life and indicating that the reason for this special value lies in the human being’s vocation to participate in divine life.

While the games lasted, the wars were suspended, so that the athletes could travel to Olympia to participate in the games and, later, return to their cities in peace.

Many finite beings can participate in being without, for this reason, it losing an iota of its fullness.

He denied, in any case, that the concept of being was God; on the contrary, God himself, he maintained, would have to participate in being.

It is not physical pain, but a spiritual pain, although the body does not stop participating somewhat, and even a lot … ».

Participating in democracy is an act of responsibility: you, in the future, will be able to participate in the improvement of society by exercising your right to vote and, if you want, you can also be a candidate and present your proposals.

Participating in the school through the established mechanisms means the possibility of acting on problems and conflicts, thinking of alternatives to improve and influencing the running of the centre.

Participating in its construction, from your own convictions, can be a challenge.

On the other hand, the philosopher was never able to put his political theories into practice in the long periods in which he lived in Athens since he was a foreigner (Metec) and could not participate in its democratic institutions.

The groups that will participate in the role play are established and space is prepared in the classroom for the representation.

Being a citizen or member of an institution consists of actively participating in the search for the common good of that community.


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