45 New synonym, synonym for New, synonym of New/brand new synonym

New synonym, synonym for New, synonym of New/brand new synonym

45 synonyms again in 9 senses of the new word:

1. recent, brand new, impeccable, virgin, pristine, premiere
Example: Jorge bought a new agency car.
Anonymous: old

What is new or recent:

2. new, recent, current, modern, unpublished, contemporary.
Example: Have you seen what’s new about Apple?

Which is modern or innovative:
3 modern, innovative, revolutionary, avant-garde.
Example: Our company works with new methods.

It is renovated or spare:

4 renovated, spare, updated, brand new, re-established, recovered.

Example: I’ve already rested and I feel new.

When it comes to something that nothing was known about:
5 unknown, ignored, unexpected, unusual.
Example: That thing you’re telling me is new to me.
Anonymity: known

It has little use:

6 intact, perfect, whole, impeccable, complete, in good condition.

Example: The price of the book is because it is practically new.
Anonymous: worn, used

Which is fresh:

7. fresh, Lozano, tender, green.

Example: I prefer those new tomatoes than these, already old.
Anonymous: past

Who is a beginner:

8.  beginner, novice, inexperienced, neophyte, bison, novel, apprentice, novice.

Example: Today is the day the new ones are incorporated.
Anonymity: Veteran

Who is of early age:

9.  young man.

Example: The newest will be in a team with two veterans.

Anonymous: elderly

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