National Animal Charities Evaluator

National Animal Charities Evaluator

The National Animal Charities Evaluator (NACE) is an independent organization that evaluates animal welfare charities. Our evaluations are based on our research and the data we collect from various sources. NACE held its first evaluation in 2017, and since then we have released many more evaluations for various types of animal welfare organizations across the United States. We plan to continue updating our list every year as new information becomes available for each charity we evaluate.

National Animal Charities

We provide a high-quality, independent review of animal welfare charities by analyzing their financial data and reviewing their activities. Our ratings provide a high-quality, independent review of national animal charities. We are independent. We do not accept funding from national animal charities, and we have no affiliation with any animal welfare charity. This means our ratings are based on facts and data, rather than being influenced by money or bias.

We use a rigorous methodology. Our ratings are based on data from Charity Navigator, Guidestar and GuideStar Exchange (formerly known as The Foundation Center) as well as other sources provided to us by the charities themselves.

Our website lists our ratings in an easy-to-use format

We have a rating system that is easy to understand, and you can use it to find the best national animal charities for your needs.

Our website also has a list of the top-rated charities. If you’re looking for one of these organizations, this is where you’ll find them.

We also have a list of charities that are not rated yet or are still being evaluated by us. These organizations may be worth supporting if you cannot find what you’re looking for elsewhere on our site.

What is your mission statement?

The mission statement is a clear statement of the organization’s purpose or goals. It can also be thought of as a high-level concept that describes what an organization does and why it exists. In this way, it serves as a guide for future decision making within the organization.

For example, imagine that you work for a national animal charities dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned pets across America. Your mission might be “to help shelter animals find homes,” or even more specifically: “to provide care and treatment for sick cats in shelters.” This type of mission statement helps everyone involved with your organization understand their role in helping pets receive medical care and it also gives them something concrete to work toward when making decisions about how to spend their time and money.

What are your specific goals, and what do you do to achieve them?

There are many ways to help animals, from donating to charities and buying cruelty-free products to volunteering at shelters. But how do you know which charity will be most effective in achieving your goals?

The National Animal Charities Evaluator (NACE) is a non-profit organization that evaluates animal charities based on their effectiveness in reaching their mission statements. NACE is dedicated to helping donors find the most effective ways for them to help animals.

How does the organization collect its information and what does it measure?

The organization uses a variety of methods to collect information, including questionnaires and surveys. They also track the effectiveness of their programs by measuring results like number of national animal charities adopted or spayed/neutered.

How does it determine how much of a donation goes toward supporting programs?

When evaluating a national animal charities, you should ask if it has published any research on its programs. Does the charity publish information about how much of your donation goes toward supporting its programs? If so, are they transparent about how much goes toward fundraising and administration?

Do they publish their research results, especially where they don’t support their chosen method?

The answer to this question will tell you whether or not the national animal charities has a track record of publishing their research results. If they publish their results, you should see whether or not the research supports their chosen method or if it contradicts it. This can help you make an informed decision about whether your donation will be used effectively.


If you’re looking for a way to find quality national animal charities, we encourage you to visit our website at and see what we have to offer. Our goal is simple: help people make informed decisions about where they give their money so that they can have more impact with every dollar they spend on charity work.