Aspect synonym, 43 Best synonym for aspect/synonym of aspect

Aspect synonym, Best synonym for aspect/synonym of aspect

In this article, you will get to know about Aspect synonyms, synonyms for aspect/synonyms of aspect follow along and know another word for aspect

Aspect synonym:

point of view

attitude (Encouragement. )
ademan ( Movement or attitude of! body. )
air (m. Fluid we breathe. Atmosphere. Wind. Look, like that. Living from the air, without known or safe resources.)
gesture ( Grin )
(A common term that refers to the overall appearance of a plant. The appearance of a plant as a whole.)
face (f. Front part of the head. Countenance. Expression of the face. In front of something. Front of the coins. Every plane of a body. adj. Towards. Shamelessness, brazenness. )
expression (An expression is a sequence of operators and operands that describes a calculation. Typically an expression is evaluated at run time. )

appearance ( Appearance or appearance outside of a person or thing. Likelihood, probability Thing that looks and is not.)
faction (f. Bando, group of mutinous people. Any of the parts of the face.)

physiognomy (f. Particular aspect of a person’s face. Outer aspect of things.)
profile (m. Outline of a person or side view thing.)
trait ( Stroke made with a pen. Notable action Part or faction of the face. )
circumstance (f. Accident of place, time. etc. attached to any fact or saying. Set of what’s around one.)

Stadium (Male Noun1: Venue intended for sports shows witnessed by spectators from the stands.2: Phase or period in the development of a process.3: Ancient measurement away, 125 steps, used by the Greeks for sports competitions and by the Romans for itineraries and nautical measures.4: The athletic competition carried out over this distance.)

Territorial space whose population united by the same language, customs and history is organized sovereign and independent in a form of fully accepted form of government.)
facet ( Each of the faces of a polyhedron. It is said of the faces of carved gemstones. Fig. Each aspect of a matter.)
phase (State of the matter. This can be liquid, solid or gaseous. )

(Aspect of the literary continent. Opposite and complementary to the Fund or content.)
facade (f. Front part of a building.)
figure (Character of a painting or sculptural group; also type of universal measurement of paintings.)
( The report, before necessary to know something. Testimony, foundation.)

element (m. Principle that enters the composition of bodies. Simple body, like oxygen, hydrogen. Basic, an integral part of one thing. two bodies that can produce an electric current.))
factor ( What happens with other people or things to a result. Art. Each of the quantities that are multiplied to form a product.)
(Smaller basic element of a halftone. It is also a standard unit of typographical measurement in Britain and the United States. An inch has about 72 points. .)

43 synonyms of aspect for 3 senses of the word aspect:

Exterior appearance:

1. appearance, air, presentation, presence, gait, posture, countenance, feature, manner, figure, physical, physiognomy, exterior, exteriority, fa├žade, view, figure, expression, feature, attitude.1
Example: I don’t like that man’s looks at all.
Antonino: interior

Angle at which something can be seen or explained:

2. angle, side, face, point of view, perspective, prism, focus, look, dimension, strand, sense, point, detail, question, topic, element, factor, line, direction.
Example: You cannot justify yourself by focusing on only one aspect of the situation.


3. condition, mood, way, condition.


Aspect Antonyms:





Aspect Definitions:

The visual appearance of something or someone

Subject under discussion

The external appearance of a being.

A point of view or facet from which a subject can be examined, or each of the elements in which that subject is broken down.

Grammatical morpheme relative to the verbal action considered in itself.


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