39 Public image synonym/Another word for public image

Public image synonym/Another word for public image

In this article, you are going to learn another word for public image/public image synonym, the definition of public/public image meaning, good image synonym and its extensive examples.

Public image synonym

A deceptive outward appearance
false front, front, guise , veneer, mask, disguise, sham, display, image, window dressing, mere façade, show, facade, semblance, pretence,  charade, act, masquerade, pose, appearance, simulation, fake, false display, airs, exterior, false colors, affectation, illusion, gloss playacting

public image synonym

1.An image that offers to the public an institution, person or service.

public image

1.An image that offers to the public an institution, person or service.

definition of PUBLIC PICTURE (Wikipedia)

Axioms of the Public Image

It’s inevitable to have an image.
83% of decisions are made by the eyes.
The brain process that decodes the stimuli takes a few seconds.

The mind decides mostly based on feelings.
The image is dynamic.
Creating an image must respect the essence of the emitter.

The image is always relative.
The process of creating an image is rational, so it requires a methodology.
The efficiency of an image will be directly related to the coherence of the stimuli that cause it.

It will always take longer and it will be more difficult to reconstruct an image than to build it from the source.
At the best image, the greater the power of influence.
The image of ownership permeates in the institution.
The image of the institution permeates its members.


It’s the sustainment of the image. Working without sustainment risks altering aspects of the person or institution. To support the image, the personal essence and the institutional essence must be recognized.

Creating an image is a process away from superficiality, frivolity and personal tastes or whims. Creating an image is a rational, serious and deep process that requires knowledge, creativity and sensitivity to achieve the goal.

Public Image Engineering

It is the set of knowledge and techniques that allow scientific knowledge to be applied to the issuance of stimuli that will create or modify perception towards a person or institution. In this case, scientific knowledge is Imagology.

Public Image Engineering serves to build two large groups of images: personal image and institutional image

Types of Images

It is established that there are two large groups of images, that of the Personal Image and that of the Institutional Image, but these images are not created on their own, they need, to exist, the conjunction of other images that will give them body and that are called subordinate images.

Personal Image
The personal image will be the perception that an individual has his objective group by which he will give him an identity.

Institutional Image
The institutional image will be the perception that his objective group has on a moral person by which he will give him an identity.

Subordinate Images
Physical Image
It is defined as a person’s perception of their target groups as a result of their appearance and body language. With clothing, each person forms his or her own expression and employs personal variations of tone and meaning.

The comprehensive approach to Physical Imaging includes:

Physical Appearance
Body Language
Studies and analysis of physical image:

1. Chromametry: Color measurement
2. Anthropometry: Body Measurements
3. Anthropomorphology: Body Shapes
4. Carametry: Face Measurements
5. Caramorphology: Face Shapes

Other aspects:

Training in the use of costumes as a nonverbal communication code.
Analysis and buying of costumes
Nonverbal Imaging training and Physical Presence:
Aesthetics and Makeup
Dental Cosmetology
Plastic Surgery

It is the document that contains the image strategies, designed to create perception or solve the problem of perception of a person or institution.


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Culture theory


The representation, figure, appearance, or likeness of something is known as an image. This term, which comes from the Latin word imago, also refers to the visual representation of an object that is made through techniques of photography, painting, design, etc.

Public, for its part, is an adjective that mentions what is manifest or notorious, or that is seen or known by all. The public is also associated with the belonging or relative to the people.

These definitions allow us to understand the notion of public image, which indicates the representation or figure of a person or entity that performs a company. This means that the public image is made up of the set of community-recognized traits.

For example: “Cristiano Ronaldo’s public image is often questioned by his controversial statements,” “The political class should strive to improve his public image,” “The denunciation damaged the artist’s public image.”

The public image is constructed from actions and behaviours that are warned by the population. That is why its construction is influenced by the mass media since they are in charge of transmitting what is said and done by a personality or an organization to society. A media outlet can therefore be responsible for improving or harming someone’s public image.

It should be noted that the public image may vary from a person’s private or intimate image. A singer who usually appears on television talking about his charitable works may have a positive public image, as people will receive information about his solidarity action. However, that same singer can be violent at home and hire employees in black without society knowing.

In some cases, when a famous person’s attitudes in their privacy do not represent invasions of anyone’s privacy or disrespect or abuse of power, it is not really important if their public image differs significantly from private ones. In fact, this difference can become very positive, especially if its action is closely observed by children or adolescents from many parts of the world, since their public behaviour may depend in large part on the development of their younger admirers.

For many, what we really should be interested in is, apart from their performance in the area that has enshrined them, their behaviour in front of the cameras, the messages he gives in his public appearances and not exactly what he does in his private life. However, this tends to lose weight when accusations of violent acts come to light: it is very difficult to respect a person who commits crimes in his spare time.

But the public image does not exist as a way of misrepresenting the truth and hiding the dark side of people; on the contrary, it is a resource to simplify its true image, setting aside all the layers that only someone close to can understand and appreciate, and creating a character more accessible to the masses, consisting mainly of the performance of an activity known to all, such as a sport, an artistic discipline or science.

Getting a public image that doesn’t spark controversy is very difficult, but not impossible. More than one star has managed to set certain limits on the press to prevent them from delving into their private lives, mainly through unimpeachable behaviour, without finding the law, and have led successful but quiet careers. Three examples from different fields are actor Matt Damon, singer and actress Barbra Streisand and Italian mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli.


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