196 figure out synonym list and sentences

Figure out synonym

196 figure out synonym list and sentences


In this article, you will get to know figure synonym(find out synonym) or another word for figure out and figure out antonyms. Many people search on google for figure out synonym and we bring you this extensive article on it which can help you. Synonyms are a great way of implementing alternative words which can help you in writing mainly an essay or long journals.


Figure out synonyms

investigate, investigate, search, search, recognize, deduce, explore, examine, scrutinize, track, dig, dive, poll, tan, inquire, survey, research, curious, snoop, snoop, snoop, snoop, sniff, stalk, watch

‘find out’ also appears in the following entries:
get guess – get – analyze – dive – search – know – know – decrypt – unravel – unravel – unfold – unfold – survey – know – dig – scrutinize – spy – examine – examine – find – find – inquire – investigate – locate – investigate – investigate – investigate – ask – ask – track – solve

ingesting them, getting by, searching, getting out of it, inquiring

stalking, examining, investigating, monitoring

find, find, locate

search, search, search, examine, examine, explore, sniff, investigate, inquire, inspect, investigate, browse, feel, ask, trace, search, recognize, record, search

abyss, diving, exploring, researching, deepening.

clarify, decipher, unravel, unravel, figure, resolve, fix

deepen, analyze, search, examine, inquire, investigate

anger, digging, scrutinising, snooping, digging, inquiring, investigating

calculate, code, compute, deduce

search, explore, inquiry, investigate





Doing a mathematical calculation or computing

Make a discovery

Figure out Antonyms:

Be wrong about
Have a problem
In Deep trouble
Interfere with

Sentence where figure out synonym words can be used:

  something I had to Figure out.

  You have to Figure out his name.

  1. That’s what I wanted to Figure out.
  2. The rest was easy to Figure out.
  3. Poll someone, Figure out something.
  4. So we can Figure out what he’s up to.
  5. And that’s what I’d like to Figure out.
  6. It’s the only way to Figure out the truth.
  7. Peace knew more than I expected to Figure out.
  8. I managed to Figure out the rest.
  9. Anyway, nothing was found out.
  10. I want to Figure out as much as possible about them.
  11. It took them three years to figure out how to do it.
  12. Or Figure out what the Supreme Soul was up to.
  13. What we have to do is Figure out the date.
  14. I wanted to Figure out where they did it and why.
  15. We sent a tugboat to Figure out why.
  16. We must Figure out where this money comes from.
  17. They failed to Figure out anything in the population.
  18. And I tried to figure out how I could afford it.
  19. I knew very well what he was interested in finding out.
  20. He decided that they would soon Figure out the truth.
  21. I had to Figure out who he was and he’s fucking Toal.
  22. You will want to Figure out what Benedikt had told you.
  23. It took him several minutes to Figure out the cause of this.
  24. He saw enough to Figure out what he wanted to know.
  25. I began to Figure out what the perch was feeding on.
  26. First, Tynan would not be able to Figure out anything.
  27. I could not Figure out, however, which finger I was using it on.
  28. Perhaps they can Figure out their true identity.
  29. We need to Figure out what happens before it arrives.
  30. That was what he had come to Figure out fundamentally.
  31. When anthropology is lacking, we must Figure out why.
  32. I wanted to Figure out what your next move would be.
  33. I would like to Figure out what the jeds see in these women.
  34. Jo tried to Figure out what the dog had found.
  35. It took the colonel only a few days to Figure out why.
  36. Villavicencio wanted to Figure out how and when of the.
  37. It took another week to Figure out that the nuns did too.
  38. He decided to go out again and try to figure out what was going on.
  39. He turned to his computer to Figure out what they were.
  40. First of all, talk to that guy, Figure out what he knew.
  41. Cohén was to Figure out the name of the on-board engineer.
  42. This is all I have been able to Figure out about families.
  43. He will call the high grandstand to Figure out what they know.
  44. Who held it, and why, is what we want to Figure out.
  45. We take great care to Figure out the will of the people.
  46. He was able to easily Figure out that the Austrian case was of interest to me.
  47. What I am really interested in is figuring out what the test was.
  48. What is true in all of this is very difficult to Figure out.
  49. Thanks to this mirror, he hoped to Figure out the secrets of heaven.
  50. Dodge the heavyweights who want to Figure out what time you leave.
  51. Something they are up to to Figure out about the abductees….
  52. I decided to Figure out what had become of the remaining humanoids.
  53. I’m going to talk to these angels to try to figure out what they are.
  54. Lev had not been able to Figure out when they were going to reach their destination.
  55. What he wanted was to Figure out whether they were trustworthy in their answers.
  56. But, if you will, in a matter of five minutes, I will be able to Figure out.
  57. I was determined to Figure out who she was, but that would come later.
  58. We have to find a way to Figure out the right sequence.
  59. I’m trying to figure out who made it to get a copy.
  60. You have to Figure out who the traitor from Central London is.
  61. I was surprised to Figure out the good reception given to the pamphlets.
  62. A pressure on my computer mouse was enough to Figure out.
  63. He would approach the police and try to Figure out what was going on.
  64. We have not been able to Figure out anything about who left the car there.
  65. Figure out and examine your suspicious conduct until you discover the truth.
  66. From them, perhaps they could Figure out what was going on in Kae.
  67. They must Figure out all the enemy’s movements to intercept….
  68. We must try to Figure out if anyone saw them… Maybe we’ll get lucky.
  69. It is the first thing he sought to Figure out when he learned the finding of the body.
  70. Throwing back his seat, he went to the window to Figure out the cause.
  71. However, I was unable to Figure out how the ballast system works.
  72. Then cross the idea of finding out his name and writing to him.
  73. Ayla ran out of the cave to Figure out the cause of so much upheaval.
  74. I tried in vain to Figure out in secret the address so I could write to him.
  75. In this way, he might have managed to figure out how to find them from the air.
  76. Looked at the label to Figure out who sent it: the sender was CNN.
  77. I had only tried to Figure out what was going on, put things in place.
  78. I will make a few questions and see what I can Figure out about the matter.
  79. I told him that he was interested in finding out everything I could about Otto Rahn.
  80. But if that is true, we have to Figure out what he was doing in Marlow.
  81. I had to call her, I had to Figure out how she was after the accident.
  82. His work in the Vicarage was to Figure out the route of the missing.
  83. It took Her a week to Figure out that the girls of Santa Agustina hated her.
  84. I tried to Figure out his opinion on why he was lasting so long.
  85. If I can Figure out what really happened to him, he would gain great prestige.
  86. Some of the other men turned the bushes away to Figure out what was going on.
  87. Before attempting a cure we need to Figure out what the disease is.
  88. Thus, the problem was to Figure out the causes of such conduct.
  89. I assumed that I could postpone finding out who I was until past 14 September.
  90. Frankie was said that this was indeed the question of his interest in finding out.
  91. Liet was glad to find that Baron Harkonnen’s head was hanging by a thread.
  92. Well, anyway, I’m going to Figure out everything I can about Eileen Prince.
  93. He observed it with his tiny cameras, trying to Figure out if it was his prey….
  94. I would have had to go where they were to Figure out about immortality.
  95. I would not wait to Figure out who arrived from Stanstead at that time of night.
  96. So I was able to Figure out the identity of the couple and finally know which letter to stay.
  97. But, hell, it is not difficult for him to Figure out where he lives; it’s a small town.
  98. When children forget to feed them or try to figure out how they work.


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